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  1. “Day” means period of time starting from 00.00 hours. until 24.00 hours of each day. Cargo and container storage period will be calculated from 08.00 hours until 08.00 hours of the following day. Other charges that are charged per day will be calculated from the time of providing services until 24.00 hours and will be taken as one day unless otherwise specified.
  2. “GT” (Gross Tonnage) means gross registered tonnage of vessel or barge which will be calculated according to the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969.
  3. “Tonne” means revenue tonne which equals the weight in metric tonne or the volume in cubic meter, which one is greater will be used for calculating the port charges.
  4. “Consignee or Consignor” means owner of import or export cargo or other person who is in possession or responsible for that cargo for any period of time since receiving imports from shipowner or ship’s agent and delivering to cargo owner and for any period of time since receiving exports from cargo owner and delivering to shipowner or ship’s agent.
  5. “Storage Area” means area for storing cargo both inside and outside transit shed within Chiang Saen Port area.
  6. “Dangerous Goods” means any substance or material in a chemical or physical form or when chemical reaction to other substance (air or water, etc.) poses risk to safety of life, properties or environment as stated in IMDG Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code).
  7. “Container” means a large metal box to contain cargo for facilitation or safety of cargo for international transportation and in accordance with the requirement of the ISO Standard.
  8. “FCL (Full Container Load) means loaded container without stuffing or unstuffing in Chiang Saen Port area.
  9. “LCL” (Less than Container Load) means container with stuffing and unstuffing in ChiangSaenPort area.
  10. “Dangerous Container” means a large metal box to load dangerous cargo.
  11. Overheight/Overwidth/Overlength Container means any container which is loaded over the limit of its size.
  12. “Charge” means charge for the use of space, facilities or infrastructure of Chiang Saen Port excluding the use of labour and/or handling equipment unless otherwise specified.
  13. In calculating port charges that are charged per hour or per day, fraction of an hour or a day will be taken as one hour or one day respectively. It is further provided that in calculating the minimum charge which is specified less than half a tonne, it will be taken as half tonne, less than one tonne but exceeding half tonne will be taken as one tonne.
  14. The shipowner, cargo owner or applicant who is approved to register as stevedore at Chiang Saen Port unless otherwise specified will be responsible for the operation of loading or unloading cargo/container onto or from vessels or trucks or stuffing or unstuffing of cargo (stevedoring).